An external render engine exporter for Blender 2.5

This addon allows rendering blender scenes in 3Delight, a renderman compliant renderer. Most (but not all) of the code is generalised and should be compatible with any renderer that accepts RIB, however for convenience, it’s designed for use with 3Delight.

It’s not intended to be an extremely flexible and customisable pipeline, rather it’s meant to be a bit more straightforward and less complicated for individual artists or small teams to do practical work with.

Supported Features

  • 3D motion blur with sub-frame samples
  • 3D depth of field blur
  • Integrated render result (appears in Blender compositor)
  • Polygon/subd mesh geometry, linked group instances, parametric primitives, particles as points or hair strand curves, archives and procedural geometry
  • Primitive Variables from mesh vertex colors, vertex groups, uv set, as well as from particle data
  • Adjust shader parameters in Blender UI
  • Write and compile shaders in Blender text editor
  • Automatically converts texture maps to 3delight’s optimised tiled TIFF format
  • Simple global illumination light shaders built in
  • Automatically generated shadow maps, raytraced shadows
Download v0.7.6

Requires Blender 2.63


Unpack and move the render_3delight folder into your blender addons folder. You can then enable the addon in the Addons tab of blender user preferences.

You may need to set the path to your 3Delight installation folder, see installation.txt inside the package for instructions.


This software is free software and licensed under the MIT license – basically you can do what you want with it, though credit would be nice. If you’d like to show appreciation, please consider donating to a secular charity of your choice.

This exporter is not endorsed by or affiliated with DNA Research.


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