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March 3rd, 2011 . 21 comments

I’ve been very short on time lately and haven’t had much of a chance to look into fixing the 3Delight/Blender addon to work with recent Blender Python API changes. Jeff Doyle (nfz) however, has generously gone through the code and updated it to work with a current Blender SVN version (as of today, r35311). I haven’t been able to spend a huge amount of time testing it, but on a brief inspection it seems to be working well.

Since you’ve been waiting for a new working version, I’ll release Jeff’s changes now, and hopefully spend a bit more time soon with some other fixes.

Get the new package here: render_3delight_0.5.2.zip

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  • iKlsR says:

    awesome work. nothing less expected from Matt. thanks much!

  • sweet! works fine, now I don’t have to be an admin anymore too!

  • alex says:

    Matt you’re doing great job. Thx a lot. Jeff nice fixes – and good luck with ribmosaic too.

  • Jeff Doyle says:

    @alex: thanks. Matt’s code has helped a lot in getting RIBMosaic up and running. Without Matt and Frigge’s Renderman exporters I’d be lost.

  • alex says:

    …don’t know why but on Suse 11.3 /32-bit I’ve got a problem 🙂 (r35311) rendering black screen. Addon is loaded, after F12

    Traceback (most recent call last):

    File "/home/alex/Pulpit/3delight/blender2.56/2.56/scripts/addons/render_3delight/render.py", line 1669, in render


    File "/home/alex/Pulpit/3delight/blender2.56/2.56/scripts/addons/render_3delight/render.py", line 1593, in _export

    write_rib(self._paths, self._passinfo, scene, info_callback)

    File "/home/alex/Pulpit/3delight/blender2.56/2.56/scripts/addons/render_3delight/render.py", line 1505, in write_rib

    export_objects(file, passinfo, scene, motion)

    File "/home/alex/Pulpit/3delight/blender2.56/2.56/scripts/addons/render_3delight/render.py", line 1018, in export_objects

    export_object(file, passinfo, scene, ob, motion)

    File "/home/alex/Pulpit/3delight/blender2.56/2.56/scripts/addons/render_3delight/render.py", line 917, in export_object

    export_geometry(file, passinfo, scene, ob, motion)

    File "/home/alex/Pulpit/3delight/blender2.56/2.56/scripts/addons/render_3delight/render.py", line 839, in export_geometry

    export_material(file, passinfo, scene, mat)

    File "/home/alex/Pulpit/3delight/blender2.56/2.56/scripts/addons/render_3delight/render.py", line 528, in export_material

    export_shader(file, scene, passinfo, mat, 'surface')

    File "/home/alex/Pulpit/3delight/blender2.56/2.56/scripts/addons/render_3delight/render.py", line 639, in export_shader

    parameterlist = retrieve_parameters(scene, rm, type)

    File "/home/alex/Pulpit/3delight/blender2.56/2.56/scripts/addons/render_3delight/shader_parameters.py", line 444, in retrieve_parameters

    propnames = [n for n in shaderpointer.bl_rna.properties.keys() if n not in ('rna_type', 'name') ]

    AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'bl_rna'



  • alex says:

    Revision is 35312 not 35311 as I mentioned before. Can’t get it work 🙂 on Suse.

  • Matt says:

    alex: is the ‘shaderinfo’ executable in your path? And if you open a python console in blender and run:

    import os


    what does it say?

  • alex says:

    Hi. @Matt To check it out I built blender again ( moved to revison 35357) and tried other newer/older builds too, but the problem still exists. All files in “bin” directory have same execute permissions:

    -rwxr-xr-x 1 alex users 19848 03-04 23:32 shaderinfo

    It prints

  • alex says:

    os._Environ object at 0xb15f642c

    Sry for double post.

  • Matt says:

    Hm, that’s very strange. You ran that from the python console in blender, right?

    For shaderinfo you should have an output like:

    Usage: shaderinfo [] [file1 … fileN]


    -d : Outputs declarations in RIB format

    -t : Outputs declarations in parsable table format


    and for the os.environ it should describe your environment variables, such as:

    {‘VERSIONER_PYTHON_PREFER_32_BIT’: ‘no’, ‘TERM_PROGRAM_VERSION’: ‘273’, ‘LOGNAME’: ‘matt’, ‘USER’: ‘matt’, ‘PATH’: ‘/Applications/Graphics/3Delight-9.0.84/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/X11/bin:/opt/local/bin:/usr/local/git/bin’,


    I’m not sure what would be causing those other results.

    Can you try:

    echo $DELIGHT


    from your OS command line?

  • alex says:



    same result as os.environ[‘DELIGHT’] command (py console in blender)



    same result as os.environ[‘DL_SHADERS_PATH’] command (py console in blender)

    Matt, I’ll wait for new SUSE 11.4 (about 3 days) and then try again 🙂

    PS I saw your ocean test rendered in 3delight – impressive

  • lolko7 says:


    OS: openSUSE 11.3 64bit

    Blender v2.56 rev. 35024

    From this ver 3delight 0.5.2 Your exporter work ok 🙂 3delight now rendering ! Earlier ver 0.5.1 work only preview in material tab but don’t rendering.


    Maybe You should download from graphicall.org build from Fish ? His build work fine for me, 3delight, LuxBlend work. Try it.

  • lolko7 says:

    I forgot something:



  • kilikoro says:

    Thanks a lot for your hard work Matt and Nfz.

    Yep I’ve played with the exporter this week end and I’ve spend good time with it. I haven’t got good results with it right now but I’m still learning.

    I ‘ve understood the way to get shaders work. I used a lot of shaders provided by Eric Back in the “mosaic” package.

    May I make a suggestion? Is it possible to make a automatic recognition of compiled shaders. I mean, when a shader is compiled with the text editor, the shader panel would automatically recognize the shader. When you clic on the panel, a list of pre-compiled shader would appear and let the user chose what he wants.

    Sorry for my english, and thanks again providing us joy for free 🙂

  • J-mation says:

    The current add-on doesn’t seem to have any shaders expect the GI shaders. All I get is a black screen on render. I’m guessing this is because it can’t find the default shader?

  • Joel says:

    thank you for your hard work here matt! i’m having a problem though – i’m using windows 7 64-bit, and i’ve tried several 32-bit builds (all >r35000, like 35112, 35747, and one or two others) but none of them will render. some won’t even load the add-on 🙁

    is anyone using windows 7 64-bit? since i keep looking into builds that end up not working properly, would it be possible for someone to shoot me a URL to a windows build that has been proven to work with the the add-on? or if not, is it even remotely possible to get someone to send me a build that is currently working for them, like in a 7zip file?

    again, thanks for all your work on making 3Delight work with 2.56, matt. i REALLY want to try it out!!!

  • Joel says:

    sorry for the double post but i wanted to mention that i had been searching the error messages i was getting in the console when trying to render and the messages always seemed (according to replies to comments, that you and others have made) to be related to issues with the build version. thanks again!

  • Matt says:

    Hi, I’ve had some further problems reported on Windows related to paths, looking into it now, and aiming to release a new version alongside blender 2.57 that’s compatible with it

  • AlexDS says:

    Yeah, it would be great to make it work for 2.57, Matt. Thanks!

  • MikeH says:

    Longing to see this updated to work with current SVN r36400 upwards. Great piece of work. Thanks Matt

  • Matt says:

    Hi guys, finally got it compatible for Blender 2.57 – see here: http://mke3.net/weblog/3delightblender-0-5-4/


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