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July 5th, 2011 . 7 comments

After continuous small incremental improvements, it’s time to release a new version of the 3Delight/Blender render engine exporter. This version now requires blender 2.58 and adds a few new features, continuing to round out support for getting geometry data out of Blender. The main additions include:

  • Exporting geometry to RIB archives, either manually (File → Export → RIB Archive) or at render time, automatically. Animated RIB archive file sequences can be exported to disk too, and rendered appropriately.
  • Rendering blender objects as procedural geometry (Object Properties → Renderman Geometry panel). There’s basic support for DynamicLoad DSOs, RunProgram procedurals, Archives and DelayedReadArchives.
  • Instancing blender objects on particles – full deformation and transformation motion blur is supported
  • Exporting primitive variables from custom mesh data (such as vertex groups, vertex colors, and uv sets), with some convenient options for default UV sets and colors. Particles can also have primitive variables too, exporting per-point data such as particle age, velocity, lifetime, etc.
  • Exporting blender fluid with motion blur
  • Exporting blender curve objects as either renderman curve primitives (no animation supported yet due to limitations in the blender API), or as tessellated polygon mesh or subdivision mesh objects (animation supported).

Download the new addon here: render_3delight_0.6.0.zip

As always, feedback and questions are welcome in the comments here.

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  • kilikoro says:

    Thanks again Matt !!

  • leelab says:

    where is the” render pass” with this release ? which is useful for me~

    and the SSS don’t work~(win7 64,which i made with 054~)

    hope U to add the options ? attribute ?and the render pass to the Panel~~

    many many thanx~Matt : P

  • Matt says:

    Hi leelab, if by render pass you mean the col/spec/refl etc outputs that go into blender’s compositor after a blender internal render, they’re not implemented. Currently that stuff is done in a very inflexible way, which is hard coded to blender internal. When implementing this for renderman (AOVs) there needs to be some changes in the blender API to make this more flexible.

    As for SSS, it also works a bit differently to blender – turning on ‘subsurface scattering’ in the material properties just enables the SSS data to be precalculated. You still need a shader that will take advantage of this though – a ‘plastic’ shader for example will ignore it. I’m hoping to write some nice default shaders to go with this exporter, so hopefully this will work a bit better then.


  • leelab says:

    Sorry for my poor English~:P

    I mean i do this sss shader in 054 ,which is work~but when i put the shader in this release ,sometime it doesn’t~

  • I started experimenting with converting blender material to renderman shader. Here what I’ve got so far. http://www.pasteall.org/23065/python it doesn’t write it to a file yet, just print it to the console. Just tried to get shadless, lambert and oren-nayar to work. I haven’t tested rendering it yet but it compiles. Paste it in the script editor and it works on the active objects material. The code is a bit strange because I changed the approach

  • Cyprien says:

    Hello Matt, Nice work. Thank you for all.

    I used to use the Erick Back script (mosaic) for my renderman renderers learning. The exporter were pretty complex but the material editor was simple (just like in blender 2.49). But know with the renderman exporter in 2.5, the process is very different. It’s too much to ask for an exporter and tutorials, but I hope you can share some of your projetcs, like the ocean, the stones or the frog. It should help me to understand a bit, how to use my uv textures with disp, spec, and sss.ain

    Thank you again

  • Matt says:

    Hi Cyprien, I hope to get more info/docs on this sort of thing eventually – to be honest though at hte moment I’m still working on improving/changing this workflow a little bit, so it may be a waste of my time to spend it on docs at this point. I’ll see if I can write up at least a basic overview though.


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