Recent 3Delight exporter errors

February 22nd, 2011 . 6 comments

Hi, many people have been having trouble getting the 3Delight exporter to work in some Blender versions recently – unfortunately it’s a case of bad timing. There have been several changes lately in Blender’s Python API, each of which have broken existing scripts. I released the addon soon after one of these changes, (happened around rev. 34500 or so?), and that was fine for about a week, but then there were more API changes in Blender around rev. 34850 which have broken the addon again. I’ve just been away having a week off, so I haven’t had time to investigate what’s needed to update the addon to work again with current SVN builds.

So, until I can find the time to fix it, this addon is only working in a small range of SVN revisions,between about rev. 34500 – 34850.

* If your error looks like this: unable to get srna from class ‘atmosphereShaders’ then your build of blender is too new

* If your error looks like this: AttributeError: ‘mathutils.Matrix’ object has no attribute ‘to_translation’then your build of blender is too old.

If anyone would like to help updating the script, that would be very much appreciated, otherwise you’ll just have to bear with me for a little while until I can fix what’s been broken. Thanks!

PS: I’ve disabled comments on the main 3Delight/Blender page – it was getting a bit messy and difficult to track which comment belongs to which version. I’ve moved all the existing comments to the posts for the different exporter version releases, so if you have questions or comments for any of those releases, please post them in there.

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  • Sad to see development slowed down by this! If it would become a official addon then Campbell would have to update it when he makes api changes… Anyway, keep it up! This is greatly appreciated!

  • Jeff Doyle says:

    I have been using a modified 0.5.1 version that works with the current svn trunk. I sent you an email with the zip attached. Hope it helps.

  • Rob Cozzens says:

    @Jeff, can you post a link to the modified version you made? … or email it to me?


  • Jeff Doyle says:

    @Rob, email with zip attachment sent.

  • Lluc says:

    Impossible to activate addon. Windows 7 64 bits, Blender 2.5 – 35111.

    It appears on addon’s list but it’s impossible to activate it like others addons.

    In console I saw that text:

    “File “…”, line 46, in ”

    “File “……”, line 63, in ”

    class atmosphereShader(bpy.types.IDProperyGroup):

    attributeError: ‘RNA_Type’ object has no attribute ‘IDProperyGroup’

    Hope I can try that awesome exporter soon! 😉

  • Lluc: your version is too new

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