3Delight/Blender 0.5.1

February 9th, 2011 . 43 comments

I’ve posted an update to the 3Delight/Blender exporter, hopefully fixing some problems that people have run into after trying the first released version. I’d only been developing this on my own system, so I guess it’s expected that for people on different platforms, with different configurations, it may not behave the same way that I assume it will! Thanks to everyone for the feedback letting me know about this.

I’ve fixed two main issues, one was with the way it interpreted and exported file paths on Windows. Many thanks to @vitos1k for spending several hours helping to debug this with me. Another issue is that on Mac OS X, the 3Delight installation only sets up the environment variables it needs, for use in the Terminal. This meant that launching Blender from an icon in the dock wouldn’t detect the correct 3Delight paths.

To fix this, there are two additional options – one method allows you to define the path to the 3Delight installation folder from within Blender (Render Properties -> Search Paths panel -> 3Delight Path), or alternatively you can force it to always use a specified folder by specifying the 3delight_env.txt file in the addon folder. However if you have environment variables properly set up, they will still take precedence. This is explained in more detail in the installation.txt file inside the addon package.

You can download the new package here: render_3delight_0.5.1.zip

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  • John Carter says:

    Anyone having issues with rendering animations? On my setup, the first frame renders, then the renderer shoots through the remaining frames without rendering.

    Also, 3Delight in Blender seems finicky about motion blur. When I first check it on, the render is blank. But if I switch it on and off, then on again, it will render. Maybe this is the difference between Matt’s build with 3Delight version 9.0.1 and the current 9.0.84 version?

    One last thing: I do not get the same “Render Geometry” pulldown that Matt shows in his video. In 3Delight 9.0.84 it seems to be missing. At least on the 2 macs I’ve tested this on.

  • Adrian says:

    Hey, it works. Thanks for the nice toy.

    Go on man!!

  • Matt Heimlich says:

    Thanks for the update! Got renders working correctly, but it seems to have trouble calling the subsurf operation twice in a row. If I try to render, and then render again, I get errors in SubsurfModifier.show_render

  • Agus says:

    Hey i am on windows, and this works perfect now!

    Thanks you so much!

  • Bupla says:

    It works pretty well on OSX. It’s so cool to have the possibility to change the renderer within Blender. Thanks a lot.

  • Patrick says:

    Works perfect now, great job Matt!

  • Matt says:

    Great to hear its working!

    Curious to see what you can make of it 🙂

  • geee says:

    been the first time using the addon, why this addon doesn’t show up in the addon tab? using 2.56 on windows xp, clean installation, any help?

  • I’m not having any joy with it 🙁

    It all installs with no errors but I don’t get a material preview and I just get a black result in the render window.

    I’ve added all of the paths to the Search Paths properties and saved it as default settings.

  • Matt says:

    Dave Collison: Would you be able to copy your blender console log to pasteall.org and link it here? It might shed some light on this.

  • Matt says:

    Matt Heimlich: Hm, interesting. That looks like a recent change in the bpython API is causing that, but it’s strange that I don’t suffer from it here. I’ll look into it.

  • Mike White (3dementia) says:

    Thanks again Matt, for your hard work. Plugin works fine for me now. Don;t know where to submit bugs, one that I just discovered is that if you change the resolution from 50% it renders a black screen. The work around is to simply increase the size of the render by a factor of 2. Sorry if you already knew about this.

  • Matt says:

    Mike White: Weird, it’s fine here. Are there any messages in the console?

  • Lassi says:

    Hello! I’ve been waiting for 3delight to blender integration for couple of years now, and I’m very excited about your work 🙂 Can’t get it rendering though… I tried the latest blender 32bit (win7). Do I have a wrong python version or something? Blender console says:


    export dir: C:UsersLassiDocumentsrenderman

    Traceback (most recent call last):

    File “C:UsersLassiDesktopBLENDE~1.56A2.56scriptsaddonsrender_3delight

    render.py”, line 1669, in render


    File “C:UsersLassiDesktopBLENDE~1.56A2.56scriptsaddonsrender_3delight

    render.py”, line 1593, in _export

    write_rib(self._paths, self._passinfo, scene, info_callback)

    File “C:UsersLassiDesktopBLENDE~1.56A2.56scriptsaddonsrender_3delight

    render.py”, line 1496, in write_rib

    export_camera(file, scene, motion)

    File “C:UsersLassiDesktopBLENDE~1.56A2.56scriptsaddonsrender_3delight

    render.py”, line 1178, in export_camera

    loc = mat.to_translation()

    AttributeError: ‘mathutils.Matrix’ object has no attribute ‘to_translation’



  • Matt says:

    Lassi: you need a recent svn build of blender, you can get one from http://www.graphicall.org.

  • Lassi says:

    Thanks, got it working now!

  • Tony says:


    Nice work but it doesn’t work in my computer.

    I’ve got Windows XP 🙁

  • kursad says:

    Hey Matt

    Thanks for the script. However I cannot get it to work under win64bit 64 bit Blender,

    I do not see the addon anywhere even though I have added to the addons folder.


  • Tom says:

    I too am having the same problem as Kursad.

  • golon says:

    Damn, it doesn’t work :/

    Although I can see addon in addons menu, I can’t make it work. Console gives me this:

    found bundled python: /home/golon/blender-build/install/linux2/2.56/python

    Traceback (most recent call last):

    File “/home/golon/blender-build/install/linux2/2.56/scripts/modules/bpy/utils.py”, line 389, in addon_enable

    mod = __import__(module_name)

    File “/home/golon/blender-build/install/linux2/2.56/scripts/addons/render_3delight/__init__.py”, line 46, in

    from render_3delight import ui

    File “/home/golon/blender-build/install/linux2/2.56/scripts/addons/render_3delight/ui.py”, line 68, in


    AttributeError: pyrna_struct_meta_idprop_setattro() unable to get srna from class ‘atmosphereShaders’

    Traceback (most recent call last):

    File “/home/golon/blender-build/install/linux2/2.56/scripts/modules/bpy/utils.py”, line 389, in addon_enable

    mod = __import__(module_name)

    File “/home/golon/blender-build/install/linux2/2.56/scripts/addons/render_3delight/__init__.py”, line 45, in

    from render_3delight import render

    ImportError: cannot import name render

    Tried on freshly built 34784 revision.

  • Matt says:

    Hi guys I’m having sone time off at the moment for a week or so- hopefully you guys can help each other our? Tom and Kurds are you using recent svn builds of blender?

  • Scott Fredeman says:

    When I hit F12 to Render the console does nothing.


  • Stephen says:

    Just to echo earlier comments, this will really add to Blender’s flexibility and power.

    Thanks for making renderman accessible to non tech types like me. Looking forward to more instructional videos too.

  • Mike White (3dementia) says:

    @ Matt, it’s a freaky bug. Funny thing is if I hit F12 after changing any render settings, black screen. But If I hit the button render image, it resets and works. I wouldn’t worry about it. 🙂

    Thanks again, hope to learn more about this soon.

  • Scott Fredeman says:

    I am running MAC OSX 10.5.8

    Which Blender Build appears to be working the best for this Addon?

    I like using the Newest Blender Builds or close to newest.



  • Mike says:

    Just updated to 34812 build. I am getting an Attribute error: pyrna_meta_idprop_setattro() unable to get srna from class ‘atmosphereShaders’ Blender is running on Window 7 32 bit. Also, the window in Blender does not display nor do you have the option available in the dropdown box. The addon does work fine in an earlier version 34711

  • Tom says:

    @Matt. I am using 2.56a. I’m not sure what svn means. (Very sorry. I’m new to adding things to blender.)

  • DaveLeitz says:

    Just a quick ‘heads up’ to anyone who uses Ubuntu/Linux 64 bit…

    The only build that this script works on right now is 2.56-r34678 by ‘gdawg’ over at Graphicall.org. He hasn’t updated his build, yet… The newer builds by ‘fish’ won’t run it, probably because of changes in the Python API. I’m sure this will change in the near future, but if anyone wants to play with Matt’s Renderman/3delight plug in right now, that’s the build to download and run.

    However, that same build seems to have a problem with Blender internal renderer, so I wouldn’t make it my default Blender. It’s better to use the latest ones by ‘fish’ and others for general purpose work.

  • kilikoro says:

    I’ve tested several hours the exporter and i impressed by the integration with blender. Above all the possibility to use the nodes for post-prod. That’s amazing.

    I have some question (notice I’m not a renderman guru, just an artist, so perhaps some of my questions can seem very weird)

    1 – I’m surprised to find out that there is no browser for material, I mean I wanna use a specific shader, located on a specific file. how to “call it and use it” on a object?

    I’ve use the text editor to successfully compile a .sl, and after how to use it?

    2 – There is no “influence panel”, so how to use disp map, bump map, spec map etc ?

    Thanks for your hard work?

  • Minkov says:

    Can it export ReadArchive for Geometry, Lights, etc. 😐

  • hperigo says:

    @kilikoro: 1- You need to change the name of the shader on the material tab, for exemple the default is the “plastic”shader, if you change the name for the name of the shader you compilled it should work, (if the compiled shader is in the shaders folder)

    2 – I’m not a renderman guru also, but i think you have map the texture in the shader code directly.

  • Matt says:

    kilikoro / hperigo: Yep, right now you just type in the name of the shader. It will find that shader from whatever’s specified as your shader search directory path. As for 2, there is no influence tab like in blender. Shaders that support textures have them as parameters in the shader properties. When I get some time, I’ll do a new video that covers this.

  • Matt says:

    Thanks for that DaveLeitz, just came back from a week off, need to try and find time in the coming weeks to update the addon for recent Python API changes, hopefully nothing major has broken, but can’t be sure.

    Minkov: Not at the moment, but on the todo – should be quite simple I think.

  • Here’s a bug for you: I can only use the 3delight addon if I run blender as admin! Otherwise it says: http://www.pasteall.org/19302/text

    I’m on windows 7.

    And a huge thank you! 3Delight is an awesome renderer! So glad to have it in blender 😀

    Oh and I think some recent commit broke it.. that or I am building with some strange patch (btw thanks for the sensor size patch!) because I can only use it with a slightly older graphicall build.

  • Matt says:

    Simon, that’s a little strange. Can you run ‘shaderinfo’ from the command prompt as a non-admin user?

  • Marek Zeman says:

    I have MacBook Pro 13” version 2010, OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.6

    I have Blender 2.56a and downloaded 3Delight v0.5.1. ( and succesfully installed)

    But if i try activate him, nothing’s happend … i can’t activate him.


    Please help 🙁



  • Yes I can. Hmm, when running it as an admin the search path is written in ui like it is in the env var, while as a user the field is blank.

    Are displacement shaders supposed to work? I tried bumpy and used a texture C:blendertexturerbump.tif and got:

    3DL ERROR T2040: ‘Clender extureump.tif’ not found (in shader ‘bumpy’ on o

    bject ‘Cube’)

    3DL INFO R2093: object ‘Cube’ (displacement ‘bumpy’, surface ‘plastic’) used onl

    y 0% of its displacement bound

  • Oh and 3Delight for maya works fine as a user.

  • Matt says:

    Hi Marek, there have been some changes to the python API in blender recently that breaks existing addons. This happened around revision 34850 or so. If you use a build revision between about 34600 and 34850, it should work.

    For now I just have to find some time to update this addon to work with the changed python API in blender, and hope there aren’t too many more changes in the future..

  • dono says:

    Hello ! I looks like very interesting Matt !

    But i have an error:


    export dir: C:DOCUME~1LOCALS~1Temprenderman

    Traceback (most recent call last):

    File “C:1700_B~1.56_2.56scriptsaddonsrender_3delightrender.py”, line 166

    9, in render


    File “C:1700_B~1.56_2.56scriptsaddonsrender_3delightrender.py”, line 159

    3, in _export

    write_rib(self._paths, self._passinfo, scene, info_callback)

    File “C:1700_B~1.56_2.56scriptsaddonsrender_3delightrender.py”, line 149

    6, in write_rib

    export_camera(file, scene, motion)

    File “C:1700_B~1.56_2.56scriptsaddonsrender_3delightrender.py”, line 117

    8, in export_camera

    loc = mat.to_translation()

    AttributeError: ‘mathutils.Matrix’ object has no attribute ‘to_translation’




    Thanks for dev this addon Matt !! 🙂


  • matej says:

    Hi Matt & thanks for your work!

    Unfortunately I can’t enable this addon. When I click on the enable checkbox, I get this error

    I’m on Ubuntu 10.10 64bit with a svn Blender build (34855) from Feb-14

  • car313 says:

    Dear People

    Could those of you who could get the render_3delight to show up in the user preferences>addons tell us newbies in more detail?

    We would be very thankful for the help!


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