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September 15th, 2011 . 23 comments

After fixing some cross-platform issues that people were having with the last few versions, here’s a new release of 3Delight/Blender. As well as the fixes, I’ve included some new stuff that’s been on the backburner for a while – a new point cloud global illumination method. When enabled, the addon will automatically generate a point cloud, and then use it in the render for indirect lighting and environment lighting.

It’s just doing one bounce of indirect lighting, in the future it should be reasonably easy to add more bounces via photon mapping in the point cloud generation stage. Eventually I’d like to make this a bit more advanced, with a more modern design for the lighting/shading pipeline and more control over baking pre-passes, but for now (especially since I’m quite short on time ) I’d rather get it out and working in a simple, automatic way so people can use it.

I’ve tested this on my mac, and in both Linux and Windows XP VMs, but as always, if you have any problems on your system please let me know. Download the new addon here: render_3delight_0.7.0.zip

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  • vitos1k says:

    Thanks alot, Matt!

    Time to play more with 3delight

  • Est. says:

    Thanks for releasing this addon. It’s great.

    In the last SVN version, it seems the report function has changed and

    now it expects a set instead of a string for the first argument.

    I had a error after compiling shaders in the text editor.

    Are you planning to host the code on github or similar?

    I have a working cortex-vfx build for Python 3 and I’d like

    to add some support for cortex procedurals.


  • Patrick Depoix says:

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks very much for your new addon r0.7 but I have a bug when I want a render;

    “# Rendering C:UsersPatrickAppDataLocalTemprendermanpointcloudsptc_bake.rib …

    # Rendering C:UsersPatrickAppDataLocalTemprendermanshadowmapsSun.rib …

    imb_loadtiff: could not open TIFF IO layer.

    DDS: trying to read beyond end of stream (corrupt file?) ->X28

    Unknown fileformat”

    Do you know that, please?

    workstation: win x86 32bits language french Vista SSE2 Blender 2.59 rev40043

  • JG Loquet says:

    Hi Matt,

    thanks for keeping this really cool project up !

    I seem to have a problem with the path handling of the displays on my system (2.59/win7_64) :

    3DL ERROR D2003: cannot open display driver ‘D:Programs3Delight32displays/tif


    otherwise everything looks OK (too bad I can’t see the rendered image :P)

    Cheers !



  • wgan says:

    Hi Matt, it works fine, but it just has to work with a already existed file, not that i fire up blender and render something without saving, it doesn’t work that way, or am i wrong somewhere.

  • Joel says:

    Thanks, Matt! Fantastic; seems to be working well on Ubuntu 11.04 so far.

  • kilikoro says:

    Hello Matt,

    The 0.7 can’t render hair nicely. The old one did the job, but the new one has some problem with it. Maybe it’s a bug. Thanks a lot

  • Matt says:

    kilikoro: Hi, I won’t have any time over the next 2 weeks but after that I can take a look at it. Do you have a test file or render that shows what’s wrong?

  • kilikoro says:

    Hello Matt, thanks for replying. The problem is not the exporter but the material I m using. Maybe the lack of children and strands is what is disturbing me; but anyway, I’m still learning. Thanks again 😉


  • Patrik says:

    Hi Matt! I really like your new update, especially that there are some predefined shaders in the material list. I was considering the performance of using 3Delight compared to blender’s internal while rendering hair-strands. I compared Maya’s rib files with yours, and saw they used NuCurves instead of ordinary Curves. So I replace little code in your script and got a script for NuCurves with the thought it would make an improvement. I found out it did merely a difference in time, well the render result was improved a lot, so kilikoro I think it would satisfies you. The changes in the code have I posted on my homepage if you, Matt, would like to implement that.

    Well, the main issue of performance seems to be the generating of shadow maps and exporting rib files, it takes up about 95% time of the rendering time, and the rendering takes just a couple of seconds. How much of your work do you spend to optimizing your script?

  • kilikoro says:

    Hello Patrik,

    I see the modification in your website. But I didn’t find a modified version. I don’t really know nothing about coding, so it would be great, if you provide a modified verion than we can test. Thank in advanace.

    I want to show an image I rendered with mosaic (blender 2.49b). The result is great. I don’t know the magic behind that, but it’s “scandalously” easy to have great result with it.


  • kilikoro says:

    Note that it’s renderred with Pixie, ( not 3delight) but the result is quitely the same.

  • Matt says:

    Hi Patrik!

    Sorry for late reply, work just wrapped and haven’t any time to look at this (and probably won’t until i get back from a well deserved break coming up next week :). It looks like a good option to have, but have you checked on how closely it matches blender’s rendered strands? Last time I checked, these curves matched pretty well, but I don’t know if nurbs will do the same – it would be a good thing to examine.

    I also see on your site that the shading looks quite different – it’s hard to tell what’s going on there, is it just that one light? I wonder why it should be getting lit on the back side there.

  • franx says:


    thanx ur amazing tool ~

    and i have a stupid question:

    how to setup 3delight correctly as the scrpt can use it under linux~

  • Patrik says:

    @Kilikoro: I can submit an release in the weekend, but it might disable some features regarding motion blur.

    @Matt: I haven’t really checked that the curves match Blender’s curve. But I realized later, when I tried implement it in more general, that it doesn’t make a change for the rendering. What I found out was happening was that the curves were duplicated due to some motion blur or something with motion, that is my conclusion and cause the bad rendering. Regarding the light, yes it look a bit strange, but I think I use two lights. I’ll confirm it later (Am at school right now)

  • Hi Matt, I am giving this 3DELIGHT/BLENDER a go tonight. It seems to render fine, but I don’t see any Global Illumination happening (even after I enable it).

    I am using Windows 7, 64 bit, and Blender 2.6.

  • I looked into Blender console and the error message as below:

    3DL ERROR S2068: shader … gi_pointcloud.sdl uses a different interface version: please recompile.

  • Ok, it works fine after I installed older version of 3DELIGHT: 3Delight-9.0.84.

    This works really great btw.

  • Matt says:

    Ah, so there’s a new 3Delight version out. Really need to add some code to automatically re-compile in this case, but its easy to do yourself if you just do “shaderdl blah.sl” for each of the sl files in the addon/shaders folder.

  • BmB says:

    Hey! I’m having a bit of trouble, all I can get it to render is this:


    When really it’s a simple test scene using the monkey head. It also spams errors about dds reads, tiff io, and says at one point parts of the primitive monkey were discarded. I also had it say at one point that eye splits were exceeded but it doesn’t do that anymore and these came instead, what gives?

    2.61 btw

  • Matt says:

    hi, that link doesn’t work?

  • BmB says:

    Odd, works for me. Try this direct link: http://imageshack.dk/imagesfree/E5H08989.png

  • michael w says:

    Hey Matt,

    it looks like python api changes have broken this quite a bit in blender 2.62….

    Atom has done some fixes for some of teh changes with how blendder handles matrices, but I guess it reaches further than that!

    I’m finding that objects are being rendered at the origin for example rather than in their actual 3d positions……

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