blatant self-promotion

July 22nd, 2008 . 8 comments

A couple of nice things have come up lately that I’m quite proud to be able to mention. I was at the Museum of Contemporary Art on the weekend checking out part of the 2008 Biennale of Sydney. Browsing in the museum shop afterwards, I came across a book with a familiar sounding title – Design and the Elastic Mind, published by MoMA (that’s right, the Museum of Modern Art in New York). I knew Elephants Dream had been featured in the web component of this exhibition a little while back, but had no idea there was a book. So, I took a look inside and there it was, published art, with our names in the index too!

Another nice piece of news came in from Exopolis yesterday, mentioning that Lighthouse had appeared in Shoot magazine’s Summer 2008 top 10 visual effects and animation chart, coming in at 2nd place! Because of this, there’s also an article on the project too. Not only is this very flattering to see in itself, but especially looking at some of the other names below us, such as The Mill, Framestore, Digital Domain and Psyop, all huge studios with great reputations, it’s very satisfying to see that our little team is in such esteemed company.

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