September 18th, 2008 . 7 comments

This week, it’s been very exciting to publicly show a project that’s in the works for some time: Kajimba. It’s a CG animated comedy series for mature audiences (though not pornographic!) about a ragtag bunch of animals in the distant Australian outback, hanging out at the only pub for thousands of km. Kajimba has been in progress in-house at ProMotion since before I started working there, but in the last year has finally gathered momentum, going from what was originally a concept, some sketches and a few early character models, to now, where we’ve done a good few minutes of rendered character animation tests, and production on the first (out of 26 slated) 5 minute episode has begun.

At the present, it’s self-funded by the studio, so it’s taking time to develop alongside other paid work. The benefit of this is that we can do what we want, which working out great so far. It’s not certain how the episodes will be delivered, whether it gets picked up by a TV network or if we’ll try something different. At this stage, we’ll concentrate on getting a first episode done and see how we go from there. It’s a great concept, very aussie, and very exciting. We should hopefully have some first voice recordings happening soon along with more and more images and animation tests coming down the wire so keep an eye on the blog and check on our progress!

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