Klaas Vaak

October 10th, 2009 . 6 comments

We recently finished a cg sequence for ‘Klaas Vaak’, a European children’s TV show. The show’s about the Sand Man (Klaas Vaak), who tells stories and illustrates them with sand drawings, and it looks really fun. We did a 30 second intro sequence and 10 second end credits sequence. The character’s owned by a large theme park, Efteling, and as I understand, some of this stuff will be constructed in real life at the theme park – very cool.

As usual, I did lighting/shading/comp, and some modelling and fur work too. Jeremy Davidson did most of everything else – animation, rigging, particles, etc. In general it went pretty smoothly, although some of the bigger shots full of trees and houses caused some headaches with the amount of geometry. Especially since at the start of the project we were using 32bit systems to render, though we ended up moving to 64bit midway. Only the first few visible ‘layers’ of trees are geometry (well even still, geometry with branch alpha mapped image textures), but after that, much of them are either image planes with baked colour/normal/alpha maps. All in all though, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

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