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Last week, Lighthouse was released online, a short film project that our studio had been working on for the last couple of months. The full details about the project, with the movie itself viewable online, high res stills, and production breakdown video are available in the post we made at CGTalk, so please do go and check it out there. The response so far has been great, we got featured on the front page of said website, and have had several thousand views with very encouraging comments.

Although it was a bit tricky for me, being the bottleneck responsible for the texturing, shading, lighting, comping, with a couple of weeks of late nights towards the end of the project, it was quite enjoyable overall. Exopolis, our clients in LA, were fun guys to work with and gave us a lot of room to work without being micromanaged. It’s interesting that Liberty Mutual (the insurance firm who commissioned the work, in the form of the ‘responsibility project‘) are now spending their marketing dollars on producing themed art, rather than usual commercials. It’s certainly the kind of work I’d love to be doing more of.

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  • wayne says:

    awesome production…

    how you have adopted blender in your studio is an inspiration and an example for others!

  • mantas says:

    ok, so aside for the artistick aspect, which is wery cool,

    seems like blender is as good as any other aplication, but still u can guess it was dome in blender.


    its like 3d max =- u see a tee pot, u know its max (unles picture is from 80tees )

    and with blender, when u see such face of lighthouse keeper, u remember elephant dream :)))))

    just jocking,

    very nice work guys, i liked this soft light atmosphere.

  • Absolutely marvelous, Matt. The opening sequence was a feast.

  • Mal says:

    Very nice work!

    What version of Blender do you use ( latest SVN, or official ), and do you patch it with your own UI visuals?


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