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June 20th, 2009 . 8 comments

Today I committed some new additions to the blender sim_physics branch, making it easier to load up different types of voxel data sets for volume rendering within Blender. The most significant addition is a new ‘Image Sequence’ file format choice in the voxel data texture, which makes it easy to load up image slice sequences as the Z axis of a 3d voxel grid.

There are some other new features and optimisations mentioned in the commit log too. I really hope this helps people involved in medical visualisation/research, if only by providing them a free method for making animations with case data. If you are in the field, I’d love to hear from you.

Some test renders:

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  • Blenderificus says:

    Nice work in this update. The Vimeo’s look great too. (IMO)The entire Blender community and beyond is fortunate to have your talents invested in the development of Blender.

  • RH2 says:

    Awesome work!

    I wonder how they make those voxel files…

  • Marco says:

    This is crazy!

    Great, you’re doing an awesome job man!

  • Craig Luce says:

    Matt, this is gonna prove very useful….. we are (all as mentioned by blenderificus above), indeed fortunate to have you on our side (!)

    *I am especially impressed, as I work with medical data every day, and am happy to incorporate more blender into the workflow.

    — While I am/was an early medical adoptee of blender, much of my work is still rather traditional, and this direction makes worlds open.

    Will watch your posts for further gems!

    Craig Luce

  • Richard Wheeler says:

    Excellent work! I have been looking forward to this feature, It should make my 3D microscopy visualization so much nicer!

  • Martin says:

    could you please contact me by email? I am working with fMRI data and I need exactly this features. But I only use Linux and Windows. Can you please help me?

  • Craig Luce says:

    I use MacOSX AND also use Linux, and hope this will translate into blender 2.5!

  • blenderme says:

    wow! this is awesome. this could open up a whole new market for blender!

    great stuff!!

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