Olympic Appearance

August 17th, 2008 . 10 comments

While watching the Beijing olympic opening ceremony last week, I got a bit of a surprise. A couple of months ago at work, we had a quick project come in to model, texture and render turnarounds of a few Chinese artifacts from a reference photo each. Mine wasn’t a big job and was pretty fast to do, using some texture projections with the UV Project modifier and cloning and cleanup in Photoshop.

We’d had a hunch it may be for something related to graphics in the olympics, but I was taken aback to see it blown up on the enormous LED screen during the opening ceremony. I wonder how many million people saw it – too bad this tiny part wasn’t something a bit more impressive! 🙂 Still, not bad for the novelty at least! Below is the original render, and a grab of how it appeared on screen.

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