Noise constraint

June 3rd, 2008 . 5 comments

Since there’s no analogue built in to Blender at the present, during our last animation project, I knocked together a very simple PyConstraint: Noise. It’s made to fulfill similar tasks as the Noise controller in 3DS Max, giving random (yet deterministic) animation to an object. We used it for things like like applying it to a lamp for randomised shadow flicker from a candle flame, or on a large scale, subtle swaying movements of a ship on the ocean.

There’s a thread with instructions on, and the goodies themselves here:

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  • wayne says:

    woah… awesome for camera shake

    (i assume you can limit to rotation)

    looking forward to all these new features matt!!!

  • Owen says:

    Nice stuff dude.What’s the sound in your demo ? Can I have it? :D:D thx

  • Matt says:

    Thanks folks!

    Owen: It’s mentioned down the bottom of the reel page 🙂 The music is by ‘comfort fit’ –

  • jedihe says:

    Thanks Matt, I was looking for a simple-yet-useful example of pyConstraints!

    btw, after watching promotion’s reel I have a question: how much of promotion’s pipeline is using exclusively Blender right now? How much of the reel was done in Blender?

    Last but not least: You guys at promotion are very talented people!


  • Bmud says:

    I’ve needed something like this for a long long time. Thanks! Unfortunately, it refuses to work in the 2.47 “bug fix” release. :/ Still works in the fancy new test builds though. 🙂

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