November 22nd, 2006 . 0 comments

Yesterday I found out about a new website called CGSphere. The premise is simple, take a sphere on a grid background in a CG application and interpret it in some creative way. It reminds me of one of my uni projects called small square book, in which we had to make a square book with 50 pages, with each page having a different image based on the idea of a square, linked together in some consistent theme. I really enjoyed that project, and the fun of trying to be inventive within limitations, so I posted my first CGSphere today.

It’s an homage to El Lissitzky, one of the Russian Suprematists / Constructivists, and his famous image Beat the Whites with Red Wedge from 1919. I really love that kind of art, and luckily had the chance to see some of the originals by Malevich, Lissitzky and Rodchenko in the Russian museum a few years ago. Anyway, this is just my small tribute 🙂

Update: I made another one.


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