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June 11th, 2009 . 4 comments

Made a simple little script last night for testing voxel data loading – it creates vertices of a mesh based on voxel data, if the voxel’s value is above a threshold. The file’s here if you’re interested. The datasets this works with are available here.

I’m working on adding support for these, and also image sequences ( 3D voxel resolution = image X * image Y * number of frames), in Blender’s voxeldata texture, which should be interesting for people wanting to load up medical data. A preview animation is on vimeo.

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  • Craig Luce says:

    Hello, Matt,

    Have been anxiously awaiting your newest post, and it was only a few hours ago!

    Can’t wait to try this! Thanks for all your work for the blender community!

    All the Best.

    Craig Luce


  • Craig Luce says:

    After trying to follow this awhile back, any further hints for loading an image stack for voxeldata rendering in blender?


  • Matt says:

    Hi Craig, the code for it isn’t in svn yet, hopefully this weekend it’ll be all done 🙂


  • mbs says:

    I’m interested but… I don’t know what’s going on, plus I can’t d/load the data set. I’m using a similar tool in imagej, it would be nice to move it to blender…i think.


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