Alive in Amsterdam

October 15th, 2004 . 2 comments

I’d say it’s been a long few days, but my body’s still having trouble deciding what a day really is. The jetlag’s in effect, and although my flu’s still hanging around, it’s getting better every day and I’m alive and well. I’m posting live from the sofa in the foyer of my hostel here near Vondelpark in Amsterdam, surrounded by what looks like a group of Dutch high school students. I spent yesterday afternoon walking around the city in a sleepy daze (not due to any interesting chemicals, mind you), which is surprisingly small compared to what I’m used to in Sydney. I’ve got museums to peruse, canal rides to take, bicycles to hire, and dinner to have with ex-NaN blenderheads Ton and Bart. No time to write too large an account right now since I’ve still got plenty of preparation work left to do for the Blender Conference, but I will mention that I’m looking at moving to some other places (The Hague, Rotterdam, maybe Brussels?) before I return back here for the conf.


Bicycles in an alleyway

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