Amsterdam Again

November 15th, 2004 . 2 comments

I’ve made it out of (the very interesting) Russia intact and well, and am back in Amsterdam for two more days to reunite with my laptop and prepare for the terrible trek back home that awaits me on the 16th. Since I had to change my booking at a late date, I got a terrible connection, meaning that the entire Amsterdam to Sydney journey will take me roughly 31 hours. That’ll be just a barrel of laughs. *ahem*

I also now have 2.5GB of photos to sort through, plus 4 or 5 rolls of film. I guess now that I have a little digital camera too, I should really get around to fixing up my crazy homebrew PHP web photo gallery thingy into something more usable and reusable. Anyway, till next time (when I’ll be a lot warmer than I am now).

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  • nozzy says:

    It was nice to met you matt, hope you had a nice time in russia and you get some leg room on your flight home 😉


  • Matt says:

    Thanks, it was very nice to meet you too! The flight home was terrible, but it’s over now, so all is well again. Hope things are going well at work!

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