Amsterdam Sweet Home

September 20th, 2005 . 1 comment

There’s been a lot going on in my life recently and I’ve hardly had any time to post anything here. The big news is I’m alive and well here in Amsterdam, settled in to an apartment and already hard at work at Studio Orange. The first few days here were spent madly rushing to put the Orange website together which has been quite successful, but very exhausting. We’re now in the concept design phase for this week or so, more info on that in the Orange blog. And don’t forget to support our project and pre-order the DVD, including all production files and making of documentary! It’ll be really good, I promise 🙂

We’re all posting a blog entry a week over at the Orange site, but hopefully now I’m here, I’ll try and post additional things here, maybe more as a personal diary or maybe just mirroring what I post over there. I’ll have to see… I spent a few days in New York on the way to Amsterdam with Kat, and have a bunch of photos from there I need to clean up and post. I’ve also got a heap of work to do in my spare time (what spare time! I’m still here at the studio at 10:30pm!) making patches to bring over some blender interface work into the official version. So there should hopefully be updates still coming out on here, now I’ve got my head together! I’ll keep you posted.

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