Blender Conference 2006

October 12th, 2006 . 3 comments

I spent a long time deliberating over whether I would go to the 2006 Blender Conference or not. My bank balance has been pretty unhealthy recently, and as great as it would be to see everyone and be a part of the excitement again, I wasn’t sure if I could afford to travel halfway around the world or not. I came to the last-minute conclusion that it’s going to be pretty tight and not really affordable, and that even so, I would go anyway! 🙂

Apart from the real reason for the conference, being around all the others, eating, drinking, discussing, brainstorming, I’m going to be giving a couple of pretty informal talks on the Friday – ‘Making Elephants Dream’ with the others from Orange who can make it, and also a lighting and compositing workshop with Andy Goralczyk. I’d like the keep both of them pretty informal and fun, the latter more about nifty tips and tricks, like in my previous curves session.

Straight after the conference, Bassam Kurdali and I will shoot over to Belgium for a week, to teach a four day 3D course using Blender at the Flanders Higher Institute for Fine Arts in Antwerp. This should be very interesting and challenging, though not new – we held a series of one day courses during our time at Montevideo in Amsterdam. The students are a group of fine artists who are looking for ways to integrate 3D technology into their work. I’m very happy to be able to help them with this, and curious to see what they come up with.

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