March 5th, 2006 . 3 comments

Yes, I’m still barely alive. Yes, I haven’t written much here recently. Yes, there are good reasons for that. No, I haven’t left the studio before midnight pretty much for the last three weeks. No, I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in a few months now. Yes, coffee is good. Yes, we’re close to finishing.

No, we haven’t finished yet. Yes, Andy and I have to complete texturing (with some help though), lighting, compositing, and rendering 5 of the scenes out of total 8 in the next 2 weeks, twice the amount we just did in the same time period. Yes, we’re still the Blender bug and crash test dummies and it’s very frustrating. No we’re not giving up. Yes, it’s going to be great.

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  • olivS says:

    ha^A(c)ha^A(c)! sounds like a desperate situation, heh? 🙂
    but keep up the good work! you are our heroes 😀

    More seriously, the teasers I saw are very exciting. You are all doing a good work, and being the dummies makes you priceless for the Community!

    So please continue not sleeping and drinking too much coffe 😉 We’ll owe you much for that, men!

  • Ninja buddy says:

    He, he a lot of yes and no.

  • Tim says:

    I bet youre tired eh? Long flight….

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