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January 24th, 2009 . 2 comments

Last week I went to see a few sessions of the 2009 Sydney festival called films afloat, a free outdoor film screening on a massive screen floating out in the middle of Darling Harbour. Before the main feature (each night a different movie, with a soundtrack played by an improvising live band!) they showed the finalists of the animation competition, which our short ‘Lighthouse’ was included in. We ended up coming second in the competition, which was nice, but even better just to have it shown outdoors in front of a few thousand people in such a great atmosphere.

At work we also published a project we finished late last year, which was our first production use of the volume rendering tools I’ve been working on. It’s just a couple of shots, produced for an internal corporate video involving a hallucination sequence where a worker gets ripped out of his cubicle by a tornado. It’s a bit silly, and may not be the greatest vfx shot known to man, but it was fun to do, and good to give the rendering tools a good hammering in a practical context. There’s a bit more info about the process in this blenderartists thread.

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