June 16th, 2005 . 7 comments

Well, the Project Orange core team members were released to the public today, and I’m very proud, flattered, surprised, and excited to be one of them! We’ll be working together in Amsterdam between September and March next year, with a pre-production workshop in July.

There’s still a lot I don’t know about it yet, but hopefully I will before too long. I also hope to keep a log of my involvement in the process here too, so stay tuned! My submission for the project application (unfortunately minus some confidential in-production work) is here, if you’re interested.

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  • Josh Seaver says:

    Hey Matt,
    Congratulations! You definitely are deserving of being a part of Orange! Your organic character on the turntable is amazing! And thanks for all the hard work you continue to put into Blender!

    (from Minnesota, we met at the 2004 Blender Conf.)

  • Jiri says:

    Hi Matt,
    Congratulation! … core team has very good artist as well excellent coder! 🙂

  • Vlad says:

    Congrats Matt. I’m already looking forward to checking out the movie even though it’s months away. I know you’ll have fun making it too and having a ball in Europe. Oh and check out my homepage and give me some pointers 🙂 I’m kinda redesigning it weekly (mostly tweaking it) 🙂


  • Matt says:

    Josh: Hey, great to hear from you! Hope things are going well for you. Will you be at the 2005 conf?

    Jiri and Shizu: Thanks! 🙂

    Vlad: Hey there mate! I’ve just finished my contract so I’ve got some time to do that, for sure.

  • Josh says:

    I hope that I can make it to 2005. It’s a long way to go for a 2 day conf, and I don’t think that I can get my work to pay for it again, but I may just be able to drag my family along and make it a holiday. We shall see!
    Great overall site, too, BTW. Where do you find the time?

  • Mal says:


    Although, as well as being excited about the Orange project, I’m more excited about the fact that you’ll be working with Ton on a daily basis, and will be able to give direct feedback into the app ( and code the solutions ) in a commercial production environment!

    I think that Blender will have a huge amount of improvements in workflow etc over that period of time!

    Keep up the great work, I’m looking forward to seeing your new UI moved from T3 to the main Blender branch!


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