August 3rd, 2006 . 0 comments

Right now, some of the Orange and Blender contingent are living it up in Boston at SIGGRAPH 2006, the premier Conference/Festival/Tradeshow for the digital graphics industry and community. This year, we’re lucky enough to have a booth on the main tradeshow floor, the ‘Open Source Pavilion’, shared with people from other open source graphics projects like Inkscape, GIMP and Verse. The booth was sponsored by a few sources, but largely by an extremely generous private donation. We’re right there in the trenches just next door to Houdini and ZBrush.

Unfortunately I’m not there myself, I really wish I was. But the next best thing is the fantastic video blog coverage that Bart from BlenderNation is producing each day. It’s giving the event a great feeling of community involvement, so do go and check it out and see some of the faces behind the internet aliases!

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